Urwerk UR 120 Price

Urwerk UR 120 Price-In the world of luxury watches, Urwerk has carved a niche for itself with its innovative and boundary-pushing timepieces. One of their most remarkable creations is the Urwerk UR 120, a masterpiece that defies convention and redefines the art of watchmaking. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of Urwerk UR 120, exploring its unique features, design, functionality, pricing, and more. So, let’s embark on a horological journey like no other.

Overview of Urwerk UR 120

The Urwerk UR 120 is a horological marvel that combines cutting-edge technology with avant-garde design. Developed by Urwerk, a Swiss watch manufacturer known for its unconventional approach, the UR 120 challenges traditional notions of timekeeping and showcases a futuristic aesthetic. It embodies the brand’s philosophy of “time satellites,” where time is displayed using rotating discs and indicators, providing a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Unique Features of Urwerk UR 120

The UR 120 boasts several unique features that set it apart from conventional luxury watches. Firstly, its time display system utilizes rotating hour satellites that follow an arc, showcasing the passage of time in a captivating manner. This novel approach not only enhances legibility but also adds a touch of mechanical complexity to the watch. Additionally, the UR 120 incorporates a turbine system that adjusts the winding efficiency, ensuring optimal energy management for the movement.

Design and Materials

The design of the Urwerk UR 120 is a harmonious blend of futuristic aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. The case, available in various materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and precious metals, exudes elegance and robustness. The dial features a mesmerizing interplay of textures, with contrasting finishes and intricate details that captivate the eye. The strap options range from leather to high-tech materials, offering both comfort and style.

Movement and Timekeeping

At the heart of the UR 120 lies an exceptional mechanical movement, meticulously crafted by Urwerk’s skilled watchmakers. The movement combines traditional watchmaking techniques with innovative engineering, resulting in a precise and reliable timekeeping experience. The rotating hour satellites smoothly glide along their arc, providing an intuitive reading of the time. The movement also incorporates intricate complications, showcasing the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of horological innovation.

Functionality and Complications

Beyond its unique time display, the Urwerk UR 120 offers a range of functionalities and complications that enhance its allure. It features a power reserve indicator, ensuring that the wearer can keep track of the watch’s energy status. Additionally, the UR 120 incorporates a day/night indicator, indicating whether it is AM or PM. These subtle yet useful complications further elevate the overall user experience.

Pricing Factors

As with any luxury timepiece, the price of the Urwerk UR 120 is influenced by various factors. The choice of materials for the case and strap significantly

influence the price, with precious metal options commanding a higher cost. The complexity of the movement and the level of craftsmanship involved in creating the watch also contribute to its price point. Furthermore, limited editions and special collaborations with renowned artists or designers can result in exclusive models with a higher price tag.

Exclusivity and Limited Editions

Urwerk UR 120 is renowned for its exclusivity, with limited production numbers and rare editions that appeal to collectors and enthusiasts. The brand often releases limited editions featuring unique materials, intricate engravings, or artistic collaborations, making each piece a collector’s item. The limited availability and exclusivity of these editions contribute to their desirability and higher market value.

User Experience and Reviews

Those fortunate enough to experience the Urwerk UR 120 firsthand often praise its remarkable user experience. The smooth rotation of the hour satellites, the tactile feedback of the controls, and the mesmerizing display of time create a truly immersive and captivating experience. Reviews from owners and watch aficionados highlight the innovative design, impeccable craftsmanship, and the undeniable allure of this timepiece.

Comparison with Other Luxury Watches

When comparing the Urwerk UR 120 to other luxury watches, it becomes evident that it stands in a league of its own. Its unconventional time display system, futuristic design, and innovative complications set it apart from traditional watchmaking. While other luxury watches focus on heritage and classic aesthetics, the UR 120 embraces a progressive and avant-garde approach, appealing to those seeking a bold and distinctive statement piece.

Maintenance and Servicing

Owning a masterpiece like the Urwerk UR 120 requires proper maintenance and servicing to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Urwerk recommends regular servicing intervals to maintain the movement’s accuracy and functionality. It is advisable to entrust the maintenance and servicing of the UR 120 to authorized service centers or experienced watchmakers who specialize in high-end timepieces. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and caring for the watch diligently will ensure its continued excellence.

Where to Buy Urwerk UR 120

Due to its exclusive nature, the Urwerk UR 120 is predominantly available through authorized retailers and select boutiques. It is recommended to visit Urwerk’s official website or contact authorized dealers to inquire about the availability and purchase options. These authorized sources offer assurance of authenticity and provide after-sales support, ensuring a seamless buying experience.


The Urwerk UR 120 represents a revolution in haute horlogerie, defying conventions and captivating horology enthusiasts with its futuristic design, innovative time display, and exceptional craftsmanship. It combines technological advancements with avant-garde aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of what a luxury watch can be. With its limited production, exclusivity, and remarkable user experience, the UR 120 has earned its place among the most coveted timepieces in the world.


1. Is the Urwerk UR 120 water-resistant?

Yes, the Urwerk UR 120 is water-resistant to a certain degree. However, it is advisable to avoid exposing the watch to excessive water or submerging it, as it is primarily designed as a luxury timepiece rather than a diver’s watch.

2. Can the hour satellites of the UR 120 be adjusted manually?

No, the hour satellites of the UR 120 cannot be adjusted manually. They follow a predetermined arc and rotate automatically to indicate the time. This unique feature adds to the watch’s mechanical complexity and visual appeal.

3. Are there any Urwerk UR 120 models with complications other than the ones mentioned?

The Urwerk UR 120 primarily focuses on its distinctive time display system, power reserve indicator, and day/night indicator. While there may be variations in limited editions, these are the core complications associated with the UR 120 model.

Can I customize the Urwerk UR 120 according to my preferences?

Urwerk offers limited customization options for the UR 120, allowing you to select certain materials and strap options. However, extensive customization beyond these options may not be available due to the intricate nature of the watch’s design and mechanics.

5. Does the Urwerk UR 120 come with a warranty?

Yes, Urwerk provides a warranty for their timepieces, including the UR 120. The specific terms and duration of the warranty may vary, so it is advisable to consult the authorized retailer or Urwerk’s official website for detailed information regarding the warranty coverage.

Is the Urwerk UR 120 suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, the Urwerk UR 120 is designed to be worn daily, combining its avant-garde style with practical functionality. However, it is essential to consider the watch’s size and weight to ensure personal comfort.

7. Can the straps of the UR 120 be easily interchangeable?

Yes, Urwerk provides options for interchangeable straps, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your UR 120. This feature offers versatility and the opportunity to match the watch with different outfits or occasions.

8. How often does the Urwerk UR 120 require winding?

The Urwerk UR 120 is an automatic mechanical watch, meaning it winds itself through the natural motion of your wrist. However, if the watch is not worn regularly, it may require manual winding to ensure optimal power reserve.

9. What is the power reserve of the Urwerk UR 120?

The Urwerk UR 120 has a power reserve of approximately 48 hours when fully wound. This duration may vary depending on the usage of additional complications and features.

10. Can the Urwerk UR 120 withstand magnetic fields?

While the Urwerk UR 120 offers some resistance to magnetic fields, it is advisable to avoid exposing the watch to strong magnetic forces. High-intensity magnetic fields can potentially disrupt the movement’s accuracy and functionality.

11. Does the Urwerk UR 120 come with a chronograph function?

No, the Urwerk UR 120 does not feature a chronograph function. It focuses primarily on its unique time display and additional complications, offering a distinct horological experience.

12. How often should I have my Urwerk UR 120 serviced?

Urwerk recommends having your UR 120 serviced every three to five years by an authorized service center or experienced watchmaker. Regular servicing ensures the longevity and proper functioning of the watch.

13. Can the Urwerk UR 120 be passed down as an heirloom?

Absolutely! The Urwerk UR 120, with its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design, can be cherished and passed down through generations. Its innovative features and limited production make it a valuable and meaningful heirloom.

14. Are there any special editions of the Urwerk UR 120 dedicated to a particular event or collaboration?

Yes, Urwerk occasionally releases special editions of the UR 120 to commemorate significant events or collaborations. These limited editions feature unique design elements and often attract collectors and enthusiasts.

15. Does Urwerk offer after-sales support for the UR 120?

Yes, Urwerk provides comprehensive after-sales support for the UR 120, including servicing, repairs, and assistance with any technical inquiries. Authorized service centers and retailers are equipped to offer the necessary support and guidance.

Remember to consult authorized retailers or Urwerk’s official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Urwerk UR 120.

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