Petco Grooming Prices

Are you looking for a trustworthy and affordable grooming service for your furry friend? If yes, then Petco grooming services might be just what you need. With over 1,500 locations in the United States, Petco has become a popular choice among pet owners for their grooming needs. But what are the prices of Petco grooming services? In this article, we will take a closer look at Petco grooming prices and what you can expect from their services.

What is Petco grooming?

Petco grooming is a service offered by Petco, a popular pet retail store in the United States. Petco grooming services include bathing, haircuts, nail trimming, teeth brushing, and other spa treatments for dogs and cats. Petco grooming services are provided by trained professionals who are experienced in handling pets of all breeds and sizes.

How much does Petco grooming cost?

The cost of Petco grooming services depends on several factors, such as the type of service, the size of your pet, and the location of the Petco store. The average cost of a basic grooming package for a small dog is around $30, while the same service for a large dog can cost up to $90. A full grooming package, which includes a bath, haircut, and nail trimming, can cost anywhere from $45 to $150, depending on the size of your pet.

What services are included in Petco grooming packages?

Petco offers a range of grooming packages to suit the needs of your pet. Some of the services included in Petco grooming packages are:

  • Bathing
  • Haircut
  • Nail trimming
  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Anal gland expression
  • Flea and tick treatment

How long does a Petco grooming session take?

The duration of a Petco grooming session depends on the type of service and the size of your pet. A basic grooming session for a small dog can take around 2 hours, while a full grooming session for a large dog can take up to 4 hours. However, the duration of the grooming session can vary depending on the behavior of your pet.

Are there any extra charges for Petco grooming services?

Petco grooming services may come with some extra charges, depending on the type of service and the condition of your pet’s coat. For example, if your pet has a matted coat, there may be an additional charge for dematting. Similarly, if your pet has fleas or ticks, there may be an additional charge for flea and tick treatment.

Can you get a discount on Petco grooming services?

Petco offers various discounts and promotions throughout the year for their grooming services. Some of the discounts available are:

  • New customer discount
  • Multiple pet discount
  • Military discount
  • Senior discount
  • Birthday discount

How to book a Petco grooming appointment?

You can book a Petco grooming appointment online or by visiting a Petco store near you. To book an appointment

To book an appointment online, visit the Petco website and select the grooming service you require. You will then be prompted to choose your preferred date and time for the appointment. If you prefer to book an appointment in-store, you can visit your nearest Petco store and speak to one of their grooming professionals.

What to expect during a Petco grooming session?

During a Petco grooming session, your pet will be handled by trained grooming professionals who will ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe throughout the session. Your pet will be given a bath, haircut (if required), and their nails will be trimmed. Other services, such as teeth brushing and ear cleaning, may also be included in the grooming package.

What are the benefits of using Petco grooming services?

Using Petco grooming services has several benefits, including:

  • Professional grooming services provided by trained professionals
  • Convenience and flexibility in scheduling appointments
  • Wide range of grooming packages to choose from
  • Additional services such as flea and tick treatment and teeth brushing
  • Discounts and promotions available throughout the year

What are the possible risks of Petco grooming services?

While Petco grooming services are generally safe and reliable, there are some risks associated with grooming that pet owners should be aware of. These risks include:

  • Injury to your pet, such as cuts or bruises
  • Stress or anxiety in your pet due to unfamiliar surroundings or handling
  • Skin irritation or allergic reactions to grooming products

Is Petco grooming worth the price?

The price of Petco grooming services may seem high to some pet owners, but the benefits of using professional grooming services may outweigh the cost. Grooming services provided by Petco are of high quality, and the convenience of scheduling appointments and additional services make it a popular choice among pet owners.

How to take care of your pet after a Petco grooming session?

After a Petco grooming session, it is important to take care of your pet’s coat and skin to maintain their grooming. Some tips for taking care of your pet after a grooming session are:

  • Regularly brush your pet’s coat to prevent matting and tangling
  • Check your pet’s skin for any signs of irritation or redness
  • Monitor your pet’s behavior to ensure they are not experiencing any discomfort or stress
  • Follow any additional instructions provided by the grooming professional, such as applying flea and tick treatment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I bring my own grooming products for Petco to use on my pet?
  • No, Petco uses their own grooming products to ensure the quality and safety of the grooming session.
  1. How often should I take my pet for grooming?
  • The frequency of grooming sessions depends on the breed, size, and coat type of your pet. It is recommended to take your pet for grooming every 4-6 weeks.
  1. What should I do if I am not satisfied with the grooming service provided by Petco?
  • If you are not satisfied with the grooming service provided by Petco, you can speak to the grooming professional or the store manager to address your concerns.
  1. Does Petco offer mobile grooming services?
  • Yes, Petco offers mobile grooming services in select areas. Check with your nearest Petco store to see if mobile grooming services are available in your area.
  1. Can I stay with my pet during the grooming session?
  • Petco does not allow pet owners to stay with their pets during the grooming session, as it may cause stress and distract the grooming professional.


Petco grooming services are a reliable and convenient option for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends clean and well-groomed. The prices of Petco grooming services may vary depending on the size of your pet and the type of service, but the benefit

of using professional grooming services are numerous. Petco grooming professionals are trained to handle pets with care and provide a range of grooming services to suit your pet’s needs.

Before booking a grooming session with Petco, it is important to understand the services offered, the prices, and the possible risks associated with grooming. It is also important to follow the post-grooming care instructions provided by the grooming professional to maintain your pet’s coat and skin.

If you have any concerns or questions about Petco grooming services, you can speak to a grooming professional or the store manager for assistance. With the convenience, quality, and range of services offered by Petco grooming, it is no wonder why so many pet owners trust them with their furry friends’ grooming needs.

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