LIC Policy Status Check App via SMS, Phone Number, Name and DOB

Check LIC Policy Status App by SMS, Phone Number, Name and DOB from necessary details shared in this article.

If you are an active person and have already taken out a policy with Life Insurance Corporation then you must check the LIC policy status frequently. Knowing the LIC policy status will help you know the benefits, maturity date and more important details.

LIC Policy Status

LIC policy helps a person to get a lump sum in time of need. It matures within a certain period of time or after an unusual event. The policy is offered by the issuer on a contractual basis for some asset or liability from a person.

LIC Policy Status

LIC policy holders need to know their policy status for their own information. It helps them recover and mature it from time to time. Most of the agents extort huge amount of money from people in the name of being LIC agents. To be aware of fraud and other issues, you must check the status from the official website.

Types of Life Insurance Policy

Term, whole, universal, and variable life insurance. A person can apply for any of these depending on their needs. It is recommended to take the help of a genuine LIC agent to create a policy for each individual.

Frauds are happening every day. Therefore, you must visit the official LIC office or its main portal. We are taking a reference from the official website of Life Insurance Corporation and sharing useful information in its article on LIC Policy Status. Click here to get an insurance plan from LIC.

Check the app by SMS, phone number, name and DOB

In our article, LIC ADO 2023, we have discussed the recruitment, benefits and more details for those applicants who are interested in joining LIC. They requested us to write an article for LIC Policy Status using SMS, Phone Number, Name and DOB so we are sharing important details here.

How to check LIC policy status via SMS?

Nowadays, Short Messaging Service (SMS) is not used as much as other communication options by policyholders. Still, we have discussed the steps you should take to use the SMS service

  • Write an SMS to ASKLIC XXXXXXXX STAT from your registered mobile number
  • Enter 9222492224 or 56767877 according to your city

Necessary details of your LIC policy will be shared with you!

How to check LIC policy status by phone number?

A phone call is a convenient option for you to check LIC policy status.

  1. Dial LIC Helpline number 1251 (BSNL and MTNL users have to dial the same number)
  2. LIC Premium Status, Bonus, Loan, Revival of Deferred Policies & More Details
  3. Note that you will be connected through IVRS (Integrated Voice Response System).
  4. You have to share your pin code and other information which you will be asked

This way you can easily get the required information for the policy. Calling services are available 24 x 7, thus, you can call the given number at any time that suits you. In the image below, we have divided the required numbers of different states/cities for your convenience.

LIC Customer Support Number

How to check LIC policy status by name?

If you are not registered in LIC portal then you need to sign up first. For this, you need to fill the registration form available on the main portal.

Step 1 Now, existing users can log in to the website using their username and password

Step 2 Click on “Enroll Policy”.

Step 3 Enter your name or other details if required

Step 4 Submit your request

Your policy status will be visible to you on the screen. Please do not share these important details with anyone else. Your LIC policy is an asset, don’t allow anyone else to use it.

How to check LIC policy status by DOB?

Date of birth is known as valid information for a person. Therefore, it is mostly used in government offices.

Step 1 Open the official website of LIC

Step 2 Click on the LIC Mitra logo from the bottom of the home page

Step 3 A window will open

Step 4 Type “Policy Information” in the column provided

Step 5 Enter the policy number

Step 6 Click Send

Step 7 Enter date of birth in “dd/yy/mm” format and click on submit button

The current status of the policy will be shown to you on the screen. This will include your last date[duedateofpaymentforthepolicyexpirydateandotherdetailsthatwillbeusefultoyou[paidforthepolicytheduedatelapsematuritydateandotherdetailsthatwouldbeusefulforyou[পলিসিরজন্যঅর্থপ্রদাননির্ধারিততারিখশেষহওয়ারতারিখমেয়াদপূর্তিরতারিখএবংঅন্যান্যবিবরণযাআপনারজন্যউপযোগীহবে।[paidforthepolicytheduedatelapsematuritydateandotherdetailsthatwouldbeusefulforyou

Click here to check policy status directly.

These were some of the ways through which a person can check LIC policy status. We hope you liked our article on LIC Policy Status. Please drop a comment if you have any specific questions.

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