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Jack Champion is a popular actor known for his famous movie ‘Avatar’. There are some other interesting things to know from Jack Champion bio. Please continue reading the article!

Jack Champion Bio

Starting with Jack Champion bio, he was born on 16 November 2004 in California, USA. Jack Champion’s complexion is fair, which makes him suitable for an acting and modeling career. Jack Champion’s mother’s name is Anna Champion but internet is unknown for the details of his other family members.

Jack Champion Bio

He studied only from his home. Moreover, after some time he dropped out of school. From 2012-2014 he was trained as an opening act theater act. The reason behind the home-schooling was that she was doing a horror movie called “The Night Sitter” in 2018. In 2022, Jack Champion will be 22 years old. Jack Champion has brown hair and eye color. Jack Champion’s weight is 63 kg, and height is 180 cm.

According to Jack Champion bio, his net worth is around 03-05 million US Dollars (US Dollars). At this stage, the financial situation is in a perfect position. Around 121000 followers follow him on Instagram in 2022. The skills of Jack Champion are explained in the table below –

Jack Champion’s relationship status has not been revealed on social media. If we talk about Jack Champion’s career, we all know that he is famous for his role as “Spider” Socorro. Also, he appeared in the Avengers universe with a small role in the last part of the series known as “Avengers – The End Game”. His first film in the industry was “Bratty Kid” in 2015.

special details
name Jack is the champion
Born in the country United States of America
date of birth 16/11/2004
skin color white
place of birth California, USA.
mother’s name Anna Champion
father’s name noted
About his siblings noted
schooling Home-schooling (later school dropout)
Training for shooting 2012-2014
The opening act is the theater act
hair color brown
eye color brown
weight 63 kg
Age in 2022 18 years
height 5’11″(180cm)
Martial status unmarried
Instagram followers 121000
relationship noted
Net worth 03-05 million USD

Jack Champion height

Many people are interested in knowing the actor’s height while reading Jack Champion bio. Jack Champion’s height is 5’11″(180 cm).

This physique makes him suitable for any role.

Jack Champion age

Jack Champion is 18 years old in 2022. He has celebrated his birthday on 16 November every year since 2004.

Jack Champion Bio

The Jack Champion family

If we only talk about Jack Champion’s family on social media and other platforms, mention only his mother. Also, nothing is mentioned about her relationship status.

His mother, Anna Champion, has always supported her son in his career. He was always her backbone and a good friend in times of sorrow and happiness.

Jack Champion Bio Contact Details

The contact details of Jack Champion are explained in the table below

S.NO. special
1. Instagram
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. YouTube


Jack Champion movies and TV shows

The most important part of Jack Champion bio is his career growth. Thus, we have shared here some important movies, TV shows etc.

Movies: The movies are shown in the table below –

S.NO. year the movie
1. 2015 Divergent Series – Rebels
2. 2015 5ive
3. 2015 think of something else
4. 2016 Where are you, Bobby Browning?
5. 2017 paper football
6. 2017 Extra ordinary
7. 2017 letter in a bottle
8. 2018 The Night Sitter
9. 2018 Truck slot
10. 2019 Avengers: Endgame
11. 2022 Avatar: The Way of Water

Upcoming Movies: Following are the upcoming movies

S.NO. the movie
1. revenge
2. strange story
3. Scream-6
4. avatar d
5. Avatar 4

TV Shows: The TV shows are as follows

S.NO. tv show
1. Skins
2. sex education
3. WWE R
4. WWE Friday Night Smackdown
5. 1883
6. Yellowstone
7. American genius
8. Legends and lies
9. WWF Wrestling Superstars
10. evil relatives
11. The best Christmas movies
12. Under the dome
13. all own

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