M3gan Actress Amy Donald Boyce, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

স্বাগতম, এই ওয়েবসাইটি আপনাকে বিশ্বের সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় প্রবণতা এবং বিষয়গুলির সর্বশেষ খবর, পর্যালোচনা এবং অন্তর্দৃষ্টি প্রদানের জন্য নিবেদিত৷

M3gan Actress Amy Donald Boyce, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows


Amy Donald is a child actress who is making waves in the entertainment industry with her stunning performances in both movies and television shows. She is a young New Zealand actress and dancer, best known for her lead role as the lead character in the 2022 horror movie M3GAN.

Amy Donald is an actress

In this article, we will delve deep into Amy Donald’s life and career, exploring her biography, net worth, family, age, height, movies/shows and career growth. Take a look!

Amy Donald highlights

full name Amy Donald
was born January 28, 2010
place of birth New Zealand
height 4′ 7″ (1.4 m)
nationality of New Zealand
nationality mixed
parents Father- Miles Donald

Mother – Roishen Donald

boyfriend the stranger
occupation Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Vocalist
Tenure 2021 – present
siblings Campbell Donald (brother)
Net Worth (in 2023) $1 million

Biography of Amy Donald

Amy Donald began her early education at a Catholic primary school located in Auckland. Later, after completing his primary education, he moved to a secondary school located nearby. Currently, Amy, who is only 13 years old, is enrolled in school.

Amy Donald entered the industry at a very young age. Currently, she is only 13 years old as she was born on 28th January, 2010. She participated in various international competitions representing New Zealand at the 2019 Dance World Cup where she made history as her country’s first medalist, winning silver. and bronze. Donald trains and performs at the Norris Dance Studio in Papakura under the guidance of Kylie Norris, who collaborated with him on the M3GAN dance scenes filmed in Auckland.

In addition to her dancing pursuits, Donald made her acting debut in the Netflix series Sweet Tooth in 2021 as Maya Monkey. He is currently associated with Bubblegum Talent Agency.

The Amy Donald family

Amy Donald is the daughter of Miles and Roishen Donald and the youngest member of her family. His mother is responsible for managing his Instagram account, while his older brother Campbell Donald is seven years older and has experience playing amateur rugby with the Karaka U13 White team.

Miles and Roishen Donald have been instrumental in supporting Amy in her various accomplishments, including attending the world premiere of M3GAN at the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX in Los Angeles on December 7, 2022.

Amy Donald Net Worth

Amy Donald Net Worth

With Amy Donald’s career spanning across acting, modeling, dance and contemporary art, she has established herself as a renowned influencer in the entertainment industry.

As of 2023, his net worth is $1 million, primarily earned through his acting career and various revenue streams such as sponsorship deals, paid appearances, marketing, and live performances.

Amy Donald Boyce

Amy Donald Boyce

Born on January 28, 2010, young actress Amy Donald turned 13 this year. He has a promising career as he grows up!

Height of Amy Donald

Height of Amy Donald

Child actress Amy Donald currently stands at 4 feet 7 inches, which is absolutely perfect for her age!

Amy Donald’s boyfriend

Amy Donald is far too young to be looking into any romantic relationships and makes it abundantly clear that she is single. Her work is ignored by her parents and they are very supportive of their young daughter. Amy has a bright future and is focused on the same.

Amy Donald movies and TV shows

M3gan Actress Amy Donald in movies and TV shows

In 2021, Donald made his acting debut in the Netflix series Sweet Tooth, playing Maya Monkey. The child actress is currently managed by an agency called Bubblegum Talent Agency.

The 2022 film M3GAN featured Donald in the title role alongside Allison Williams and child star Violet McGrath. The film’s trailer became a hit due to Donald’s impressive dance moves and killer doll-like physicality.

The film’s trailer became a hit due to Donald’s impressive dance moves and killer doll-like physicality. For the role, Donald received movement coaching from Jade Brophy and Luke Hawker, and actress Jenna Davis voiced the character. Donald not only performed his own stunts but also co-choreographed the viral dance sequence from the film that went viral on TikTok.

He even surprised the directors with his ability to perform difficult movements like jumping off the ground and running on all fours in the jungle without using his arms. Critics have praised Donald’s performance, particularly his ability to make the character look menacing and terrifying. During filming, Donald and co-star McGrath became best friends.

The little star is all set to rise and take over the industry with her outstanding performance. Amy has received huge acclaim from critics along with audiences who now demand to see her in more projects. We can’t wait to witness his growth and do some remarkable projects!

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